About Us

Our History…. From the Ground Up

At a young age I was taught the value of Hard Work, determination and having pride in what you do from my father John Priest.  We farmed and milked dairy cows which gave me a great perspective when it came to quality forage products from both sides of the coin.  Before I graduated high school I purchased my first ten-wheeler and began hauling small hay and straw bales by hand.  Blood, Sweat and Tears built up by a passion for service and high quality hay led me to purchase my first semi which plunged us full speed into the trucking business.  Having been raised around all facets of agriculture I stuck to mainly agricultural products; hauling hay bales, grain, and potatoes.  The business slowly grew into a successful yet still small enterprise over time.  To date, we have been in business for over 37 proud years.  Being a small business, everything counts, and that includes what makes it up.  Family is very important; Wendy my loving wife of 37 years takes care of all the book keeping and then we have three beautiful daughters; Mandi, Melissa and MacKensey.  Our youngest is now involved with the family operation.  We also have great employees who help give Priest Trucking a great name.  They dedicate many hours to going above and beyond.  We have gone through difficult and very prosperous times, yet through all of it we value loyalty, above and beyond customer service and the lasting friendships we make along the way.

Our Mission

To Provide Loyalty to Valuable Customers One Load at a Time.  Through superior service, supreme quality products and lasting relationships.