Hay/Straw Buying and Selling

Truck it!  We take pride in hauling feed-stuff products.  Superior service and top notch quality all the way through.  Not only do we provide the trucking; but we will also find and purchase quality forage products to meet specific needs.  If you have forage crops available for purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dairy Quality Alfalfa

Quality is what we always deliver.  We pull representative samples from each stack and provide the test results back to you.  We aim to meet the nutritional needs that make your business successful.  Please note the USDA Quality guidelines below.

Alfalfa Guidelines (Not more than 10% grass)
Quality ADF NDF *RFV **TDN-100% **TDN-90% CP
Supreme <27 <34 >185 >62 >55.9 >22
Premium 27-29 34-36 170-185 60.5-62 54.5-55.9 20-22
Good 29-32 36-40 150-170 58-60 52.5-54.5 18-20
Fair 32-35 40-44 130-150 56-58 50.5-52.5 16-18
Utility >35 >44 <130 <56 <50.5 <16

Feeder Quality Alfalfa

Superior quality all the way through.  Feedlots and Ranchers will utilize feeder hay due to the nutritional demands of the animals in question not being as high.  Our feeder hay will be clean, meets high standards and nutritional needs.  Please reference quality table above.

Oat Hay

A great source of energy with the benefits of a roughage!  Great winter feed-stuff!  We take great detail in documenting the nitrate levels within the oat hay to make sure we meet the standards of how it should be fed; either mixed into a ration or fed solely.

Grass/ or Specialty Hay

Quality of grass or specialty hay has wide ranges, but we provide feed analysis tests to assure this will be the feed you are looking for.

Grass Hay Guidelines
Quality CP%
Premium Over 13
Good 9-13
Fair 5-9
Utility Under 5


There are three main varieties of straw; traditional wheat straw, barley straw and oat straw.  There are some variations like triticale straw, but they are not widely used.  Depending on your use with straw; Feeding or Bedding, we can find the best variety that will give you the most output per input.